Tempest4 winner Robert Swann Tempest2 winner Shawn Rayner

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Congratulations to our Tempest2 winners Shawn Rayner and Declan Dear. In second place Jerry Bailey and Graham Lacey and third overall Steve Black and Callum Black.

A late charge in the Land Rovers saw victory for Blair Thompson and Adam Woolner.

Congratulations to Robert Swann and Darren Garrod – winners of Tempest4 with second placed John Lloyd and Adrian Cavenagh and in third place Karl Simmons and Rob Burridge.

Tempest2 Service Two

Tempest2 crews have just completed the second loop of stages which included two runs through Longmoor – a stage crews have given a resounding thumbs up to today.

Now back in service ahead of the final two stages there are a number still looking to improve on their positions.

Car 101 Mark Gamble continues to have a trouble-free run, so far, and says he’s had no dramas and is enjoying the day.

Car 102 Shawn Rayner says he is planning new tyres and a final push after service. He said the longer Longmoor stage was fantastic.

Car 104 Steve Black has son Callum, the winner of Tempest2 last year, in the co-driver’s seat and looked very pleased at service putting in some extremely quick times in Longmoor. He said he now feels happier in the car after a steep learning curve this morning.

Car 105 Ernie Graham says he’s pleased to move up the order and driver turned co-driver James Potter has fitted well into the role.

Car 103 Simon Smith says his day is getting worse as the shift light has broken and he can’t hear the revs so has been shifting up and down at the wrong time.

Car 108 Damian Thomas says he’s having a great day but wishes he has a little more power.

Car 111 Robert Smith reported a good run through Longmoor and no dramas.


Tempest4 Service Two

A few battered cars arriving in the service area now with a busy time ahead for some of the service teams to repair damaged cars. The rain is also hammering down so thanks to everyone competing, marshalling, spectating and supporting the event.

Car 1 Robert Swann still leads the rally and said he’s finding some of the hairpins extremely tight and tricky for a WRC car.

Car 2 John Lloyd arrived in service after banging his head on the last stage in Rushmoor 2 but said that apart from that all is going well.

Car 4 Andrew Barnes has also been finding the hairpins too tight for the larger WRC cars.

Car 5 Karl Simmons had low fuel pressure this morning and no anti-lag this afternoon so not having the best Tempest Rally.

Car 8 Graham Roberts said he was up on two wheels in Rushmoor so hopefully the spectators enjoyed that.

Car 10 Richard Barrow has set the service crew a task here with a suspected bent rear arm.

Car 9 Tony Bird says he is pleased to be holding seeding in the oldest car in this group, his 1992 Escort Cosworth which he says is still going as fast as he wants to go.

Car 11 Jan Budge’s service crew are also set for a busy time – he hit something in Rushmoor and was last seen under the car in regroup trying to identify the problem.


Tempest4 Service

The four wheel drive cars have now started to arrive in service. Looking very muddy but pretty well all cars in one piece.

Car 1 and last year’s winner Robert Swann is going for a second win and arrives here 35 second ahead of John Lloyd. He said he pushed a little too much in Longmoor and stalled and is trying to get used to being back on gravel again.

Car 2 John Lloyd just had a spin in Rushmoor which no doubt entertained the spectators.

Car 4 Andrew Barnes says they hit a chicane on the first run through Longmoor and thinks the four wheel drives might have nudged a few as it seemed quicker on the second run.

Car 6 Nigel Seabold says he’s having no problems and just taking things steadily. He’s liking the slippy stages.

Car 8 Graham Roberts found that the mud is not ideal inside the car and will be keeping windows up this afternoon. He had problems on stage one when the car refused to select second gear and they lost time. He’s not sure what the problem was with the clutch but it seems to be working well now and says he’s pushing like ****.

Car 3 was a disappointed Martyn England who had to stop in Longmoor to change a puncture.

Car 10 is looking to remove stones from the brakes in service.

Car 11 Paul Butler is competing in his first Tempest Rally and says Rushmoor was certainly a busy stage.

Car 12 Jan Budge has not had the best of mornings with a puncture, and the exhaust detached itself from the manifold. No turbo in Longmoor saw them driving at just 40mph…

Car 14 Stuart Austin is another first timer on the Tempest Rally but says being just an hour from home in West Sussex is great. He said the morning had been absolutely fantastic, he’s loving the loose surface and liking the weather holding off its worst.


Tempest2 Service

First cars are ready for service – good feedback for the stages but reports of them being very slippy.

Car 101 Mark Gamble and Steve Link – think they lost time in Warren and said it’s quite tricky running first on the road.

Car 102 Shawn Rayner and Declan Dear arrived smiling. They clipped a sapling on Warren and went wide on the hairpin.

Car 104 Steve Black and Tempest winner Callum Black are having an interesting time. Steve says there is a lot going on with the car. They stopped at a chicane, stalled it and finding it quite slippy.

Car 105 Ernie Graham has joined forces with driver James Potter who has switched to the co-driver’s seat after writing off his own car. The pairing is working well even though James is reading pacenotes for the first time.

Car 103 Simon Smith was not so happy with his first three stages and said it was rubbish. A three minute halt when the engine wouldn’t fire has dampened spirits.

Car 106 Tony Williams says that he and Karen Phelps are enjoying the event. They have just spotted a slow puncture but said it’s not affected their times.

Car 109 driver Clive Anstey says old tyres are making the slippery conditions even more challenging.

Car 111 had a few technical issues yesterday but today has been better with just a minor detour on Warren causing issues.

Car 115 Jerry Bailey reports a minor stall this morning but very good apart from that.

Car 112 Simon and Adrian May are having fun and said the stages are in great condition.

Car 114 Geno Cook arrived in service looking almost as muddy as some of the cars. Seems the car had a little excursion into a boggy area with a fair bit of time lost.

Car 135 has serious front right damage after an issue in Warren but is definitely not retiring.


First results coming in now…

Not great news from car 107 – Phil Morgan and Bryan Hull – reporting a fractured brake line in Rushmoor Arena.